Professional Advisors

Research shows that wealthy and business-owning families expect a higher quality and breadth of advice from their advisors than ever before. As well as professional and technical skills, they are seeking out advisors, equipped with the emotional intelligence and judgement to better understand their needs.


Advisors must be able to put themselves in the shoes of their family clients, to understand their history, their special dynamics and the unique pressures that they face. Although most engagements start from a specialist perspective, it’s always beneficial  for professional advisors to develop a wider, more sensitive understanding of the human engagement underpinning family business ownership and wealth. This is where we can help…


“There are good opportunities for advising family businesses but success depends much more on soft people skills than hard, technical skills. Firms of advisors seeking to work with family businesses should develop a set of cultural values that can bring together both the soft skills and the hard ones.”
(IFB/STEP Research 2013) 


Alongside our work with families, we have many years of experience collaborating with advisors from professional organisations, and have a lot of knowledge and insight to share with you.


From bespoke training for your team to assistance with developing and delivering your strategy, we help firms develop a broader insight into the challenges of wealth and family business ownership, to deepen their relationship with existing clients and to attract new ones.


Our services for professional advisors include:

  • Running educational training and case study sessions
  • Designing bespoke training and development programmes
  • Providing strategic support and guidance


  • Running seminars and forums for your clients
  • Authoring client literature, research and thought pieces
  • Speaking at events







Professional Advisor Client Cases




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