Our Approach

Every family is different, shaped by its own unique history, circumstances and dynamics, so there is never going to be a one-size-fits-all solution to the challenges they face. Saying that, we work from a tried and tested methodology centred around eight core principles:


  1. Neutrality – Never representing or giving preferential treatment to any one individual, generation or branch.
  2. Inclusivity – Giving everyone a voice and taking their views into account.
  3. Consensus – Striving to reach a satisfactory outcome for all.
  4. Education – Helping family members make more informed decisions and building their awareness and confidence.
  5. Challenge – Ensuring family members mean what they think they do and do what they say they will.
  6. Experience – Using our experience with other families to highlight the path and potential pitfalls ahead.
  7. Independence and objectivity – Having no vested interest and no ulterior motive.
  8. Discretion – Being confidential and discrete in all our dealings.


In essence, we listen objectively to each individual and facilitate discussions that help the family address their challenges and guide them through to consensus. Having impartial and independent advice can prove invaluable.Working alongside you, we seek to understand what you are aiming to achieve and what a successful outcome would look like – and then we help you turn that vision into reality.