Family Wealth

Many families don’t feel comfortable talking about the complex and emotive subject of wealth. Conscious and sub-conscious barriers can get in the way of sensible discussion and planning. These barriers inhibit both parents and children.


Our services focus on unlocking these tensions and opening up the dialogue. We help families to create a safe environment in which they can talk and plan – to organise and share their wealth in ways that work to unite the family and give it meaning.


We also help them better understand and communicate the decisions and choices they need to make regarding family wealth, such as:

  • How do you ensure your children are treated fairly, even if that doesn’t mean equally?
  • How prepared are your spouse and your children for the transition and responsibilities ahead?
  • How do you balance your own aspirations and dreams, against the sometimes competing pressures of playing custodian and steward for the dreams of your family?
  • Do you need a family office or will solid governance be sufficient to manage the relationship between the professionals, trustees and the family?


We understand the complexities of bringing up families in an affluent environment and we work closely alongside each of our clients  to help them plan for the future and prepare them for the transition ahead.


We work with families on a number of areas including:

  • Defining the family’s vision
  • Understanding the purpose of wealth
  • Developing family governance
  • Creating Distribution Policies and Wealth Charters
  • Developing Family Offices
  • Family communication
  • Family education and training programmes
  • Preparing the next generation
  • Philanthropic strategies and governance

Family Wealth Client Cases



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