Our Services

When families are tied together by their wealth – be it through investments, shared assets, a family business or a family foundation – they not only have the complex challenge of managing financial and business risks, they also need to manage the unique family risks as well.


With many years of experience working with families of all shapes and sizes, we understand that every family is different, with its own history, personality, goals and challenges. Some need help clarifying roles and responsibilities and helping family members work better together in the business, whilst others are looking to plan for succession and manage the transition between generations. Some need help developing appropriate governance structures and improving communication; others are looking for help to engage and prepare the next generation for the challenges ahead.


Because every family is so different, we work hard to really get to know our clients and tailor our services according to their individual requirements.  Using our depth of experience and special understanding of family dynamics, we work alongside families to provide the support, structure and guidance to help them successfully navigate the road ahead.


Our work focuses on four core areas:

• Services for Family Businesses
• Services for Wealthy Families
• Services for the Next Generation
• Services for Professional Advisors